Aluminium Tope
Aluminium tope is available in several design variants, from deeper tope, polished tope with lid to tope set. This cooking utensil can be used for making sauces, soups and vegetable stocks.
Aluminium Kitchenware
Aluminium kitchenware can be purchased for retail business or by customers in food service industry. Prant is mainly used for kneading flour into dough, and tub can be used for washing vegetables or storing food items.
Aluminium Cookware
In our range of aluminium cookware, we have included degda and karahi. Both are cooking utensils that can be found in almost every Indian kitchen for cooking several Indian dishes, whether sweet or savory.
Aluminium Utensils
Aluminium utensils include cooking vessels, like vagaria and stock pot. These utensils are essentially required in both, residential and commercial kitchens. The handle on every cooking utensil makes it's use and handling convenient.
Aluminum Pan
Whether you need a pan for shallow frying, deep frying, sauteing vegetables or preparing tea or coffee, we have a range of aluminium pans to select from. Once used, these can be easily washed with a utensils cleaning bar or liquid soap, and rinsed with water.
Domestic Cookware
The domestic cookware line includes stew pan and tope made of aluminium. The pan and top with and without handle respectively are highly demanded by people to use this cookware in homes and small restaurants.